Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bald Chickens?

I think I'm being had, not knowing how to definitively tell, I once again come to you.

We eat a chicken a lot at our house. I'm told It's good for you. Fried chicken, a true rarity, is my favorite food in the whole planet. I've traveled out of my to sample highly recommended fried chicken.

Instead, we have what is described as a hybrid; a skinless, boneless variety of bird. No schmaltz. I wasn't aware there were such creatures, so I asked Mrs. T about it.

"If chickens now come skinless what became of their feathers?, I asked. "They are bald, featherless animals", came the reply.

"How do they stand without bones?" "Don't ask so many questions."

Before I harrumphed off, I fired back, "where has the taste gone?

I'm certain that the boneless skinless stuff I'm served is the missing link from chicken to a McNugget. Didn't chicken used to have/(doesn't chicken have) taste? I looks like chicken, but when I hear something tastes like chicken, I'm mentally comparing it to the taste of a Domino's box.



Suburban Princess said...

Have you tried free range chicken? Or organically raised chicken? I find it's a lot better than the factory chicken.

Anonymous said...

We have found a workaround. The grill. In fact, tonight we are having bald featherless skinless boneless tasteless chicken thighs, opened out flat, I don't like it when they're curled up in a ball, a little something shook on each side to flavorize; grilled. I got the family pack, extras for the week ahead. A lot of folks I know are brining their chicken now, they say it's much much better tasting.


Karena said...

Ha! Toad I love Mrs T as much as you!

You can marinate the chicken, grilling and basting always makes it better. Free range is good because you do not want to see the so called hen houses they are now raised in (turkeys as well)

We always call McNuggets, Chicken Butts!


Art by Karena

Toad said...

SP, thank you. What we are competing with is not better taste but the fact that b/s chicken breast prices haven't budged in 20 + years. Money talks more loudly than taste.

Grilling is the easiest way to make it palatable, but I've become a sauce addict.

Karena I pass it on.

Anonymous said...

"b/s chicken breast....a sauce addict"

Does jarred sauce count?

3 b/s chicken breasts [it's really 3 1/2s] plopped down in a not-big high-sided baking dish.

Empty one jar Prego extra chunky spaghetti sauce on top of and around the b/s b's, thick.

Parmesan cheese all over the top, jarred or grated, thick.

Foil cover. One hour at 350.

This was an emergency/embarassment dish when something ahead of it in line failed utterly. It turned out to absolutely please my husband no end. He adores it. [I'm low-appetite so I don't get that thrilled over food.]


Patsy said...

Boneless, skinless chicken thighs! Like chicken breast with taste.

Clara Walmsley said...

Toad you are just going to have to start raising your own :)

Toad said...

Clara, I've considered that, but I fear for my attention span. In a week I'd either forget they are there, or the hawks, foxes, or vermin would get them. Same with bees, which is something I think I would like to raise, for about a week.