Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My 1954 Bentley R Type Continental

Didn't you always imagine Ray Milland driving an R- Type Continental in Dial M for Murder?

At the time the most expensive automobile in the world. Hardly a country car, Radford Countrymen were better suited for tweed. James Bond was a Bentley Continental owner albeit in modified trim, as was Ian Fleming. More Saville Row I'd think.



Karena said...

Such a fabulous classic!! Your type of car of course Toad!

Art by Karena

lostpastremembered said...

My gramps had an old Bentley. As a child I called it an old f-rt car and eventually he got rid of it and got something new and shiny. I will forever kick myself for being a dolt. Oh to have that beauty now!!!!

Old Polo said...

Hehehe, Mr. Toad...of course you would have that Bentley. I am green with envy. Just a little smaller than I had envisioned. Not the stablemate to Camilia Parker!