Thursday, October 6, 2011

post haircuts

Pooh, Milo and Charley


Kathleen said...

How absolutely cute!

Anonymous said...

Help. I don't understand getting shorn as the chill starts to set in on Mayberry. Those well repair millionnaires who serviced your well a week or so ago wore layers and layers, thermal, flannel already. Won't the mice need their fluffy coats for healthful insulation?

-Confused in Florida

Toad said...

We waited too long to have them cut this season, and the only way to get the mats out was to shave.

Fortunately, it is still in the 80's here, and usually won't turn COLD until early December, so the kids have time for the undercoat to grow before snow. They'll be shaggy by Christmas.

David said...

Aw, dont you love grooming day!

Anonymous said...

"They'll be shaggy by Christmas."


[go Yankees]


Karena said...

Agree Toad we will have many Indian Summer days ahead! They are cuties.


Art by Karena

old polo said...

I love those dogs Toad.

James said...

Lions indeed.