Monday, October 3, 2011

Dr. Koo in the news

You've seen before and after advertising pix from plastic surgeons in your community. Truly miracles of modern medicine. Occasionally though, since people are involved, things go amiss.

Dr. Michele Koo is a plastic surgeon in Mayberry embroiled in controversy with several of her female patients. The well meaning doctor posted nude, neck to waist, before and after, patient photos on her web site, although with a twist. HIPAA (Health Information Privacy Accountability Act) be damned, Michele's twist was to include the full names of the patient in the photo and communities the women lived in.

The photo's presence became known when the guys in the next cube at work gave one of Dr. Michele's patients stink eye. The woman has a unique name, and the boys at work knew exactly whom they were ogling. A close friend and co-worker delivered the news, and Calhoun was summoned.

Of course no one gave permission, and most of the women only learned of their eternal internet stardom when Calhoun came calling. Sadness, lies, recrimination aplenty. Money will likely change hands.



Shelley said...

You do come up with some of the strangest stories. Sounds like out and out professional suicide to me. Pity she had to take the patients with her.

That's Mister Anonymous said...

More like Dr. Koo Koo.

JMW said...

I don't even know where to begin...