Thursday, October 6, 2011

The town mouse and the country mice

Remember Aesop's Tale, The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse? A story about coping in an unfamiliar world, trading plenty for security. We've had the same sort of tale at our house.

Our newest member Milo, is our fashionista's pup. Milo, born and bred in Boston, is the consummate gentleman. He sits quietly by the door, awaiting his leash when it's time to go out. He's civil, alert, urbane. In all his life he has never seen anything more upsetting than a squirrel, or more fun than a dog park.

Then he gets to our country house. Country mice Charley and Pooh quickly taught Milo about life without a leash, always open doors, bug shopping and wildlife. It took the 3 Foo's about 15 minutes to become BFF's. Ever since, each day has been a whirlwind of new adventures, excursions, and playmates.

Always top dog in Boston, Milo learned there is a new sheriff in town, and it isn't him. That was a hard lesson, frequently reinforced until he clearly understood Pooh was in charge.

Looks like a boss doesn't she? Now the 4 of them, like 3 year olds, wear themselves out everyday. Except for Pooh, who's on the lookout 24/7.

Yesterday was haircut day. All 4 received their winter cuts. They were scalped, which is a function of living in the wild, but you can tell from the way they carry themselves they think they are stylin'.



Shelley said...

I have to confess that though I've heard of that idea, I'd not ever read the story. So I googled it.


is a saying I could embroider and hang over our door!

Thanks for helping me continue my education. Your dogs are totally adorable.

Gail, in northern California said...

Ted, The Wonder Dog: "Oh, fer hevin' sakes! Have you lost your mind? Now I've got to watch THREE of them."

They're all in good hands. Thank you, Mr. -Herriot- Toad.

That's Mister Anonymous said...

As one who roots for the underdog, I submit that Milo is not totally vanquished. Do not be surprised, good Toad, if the foursome erupt from the woodland one day wearing Red Sox caps.

Anonymous said...

Shih tzus are the best dogs on the planet. They don't shed, they're always happy, and they love everyone. The only person mine doesn't like is my brother in law. Did I mention that they are also good judges of character.