Monday, October 17, 2011

Still the best

I climbed in the car last night, switched off Mrs. T's radio station just in time as this song was starting. It may have been the first hip hop song, but it is still the best.

Recorded in one take with the bass player and drummer breathing heavily by the end, long before the days of drum and bass machines. It's bound to add a smile to your Monday.



Suburban Princess said...

Flashback to the 70s and all the birthday parties I went to at the roller rink!

Anonymous said...

FreeKansas thanks you for bringing the funk. Just what the Doctor ordered after a long day.

(O)ld (P)olo said...

Toad, if you switched off the radio just before the song began playing, how did you know it was playing and if it was any good? I know, details, details,. Sorry, just curiouser and curiouser.

Toad said...

switched from?