Saturday, October 1, 2011

October-The eighth month

Welcome October, my favorite month of the year. In the northern hemisphere, October is a month wrapped in ancient lore, some of which carry over to modern times.

The Germans called it Wym Monat, the wine month. The time for the grape harvest to be stomped, and the wine making to begin. Although it's primarily held in September, mostly to fool the foreigners, Oktoberfest has its origins in Wyn. The grains necessary to make beer have been harvested and wort is fermenting to see the farmers through the cold, dark months to come.

The German's Slavic neighbors called October, the yellow month, in honor of the colors of the fading leaves. Anglo-Saxons knew it as Winterfylleth, because at this full moon (fylleth) winter was supposed to begin. Danes know it as the seed month. A time for saving seed for next year's crop.

Halloween is coming.



Jg. for FatScribe said...

said it before, and will say it again: Toad, thy name is erudition.

That's Mister Anonymous said...

Love the new photo in the banner. What's the location?

Barbara said...

Always loved October when we lived in Michigan. I miss those in-between months in Florida.

Karena said...

Yes please remember breast cancer awareness month, affects so many of our loved ones!

Toad, October is my favorite month!I adore the change of seasons, the cool crisp weather.


Art by Karena

Toad said...

Header photo is from the archives of Mansfield Plantation, Georgetown, SC. I had failed to save the original attribution. Thank you

Anonymous said...

"Header photo is from the archives of Mansfield Plantation, Georgetown, SC."

Damnation, this internet makes the world seem large and small at the same time. Which is my way of saying thank you for providing the link to Mansfield Plantation, I was casually reading the history of the plantation from your link when I came upon the name of my great great great great grandfather, James Coachman. How about that.


LPC said...

I can get on board for wine month. For you, I mean, it'll take so much effort:).

Toad said...

Kinda scary how small the world is. Lisa make it a birthday Champaign