Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Must be something in the air

J Peterman's holiday catalog (owners manual 91)arrived by post this morning. One of their best catalogs in along time, it included the double breasted tweed jacket below.

Again, a nice tweed, but doesn't change anything.



Anonymous said...

Absolutely smashing with your purple turtleneck underneath [keep clear of pianos and library ladders].

-Faithful servant

Toad said...

FS I prefer it single breasted. Since I have this jacket in single I'll give it a try. Now that fall is finally here.

Old Polo said...

Once again, Toad, you shall look dashing. Just crying for you to arrive in a 1954 Bentley Continental R.

NCJack said...

I, also, think a heavy tweed in DB is a bit of a muchness around the old mid. Of course, my old mid is already a bit of the above.

Karena said...

J Peterman's brings back memories! I always loved their catalogs. I still have a yellow linen dress I bought when they had a shop in Orange County.

Art by Karena

JMW said...

Love the J. Peterman catalog, and yes, the holiday one is very good. When the store was still around in Lexington in the 90s, I used to visit to look at the eclectic goods available. From colorful Chinese robes to a vintage motorcyle with sidecar, it was a great place to hang out.