Friday, August 26, 2011

my next suit?

Perhaps you saw Maxminimus's photo earlier this week of Gen George C. Marshall. I've worn out my new glasses looking at it. There is enough inspiration for several life times in that photo.

Maxminimus photo

I refuse to face that the end of summer is near. I have lived in comfy oxford cloth pants and shorts, seersucker and linen since the weather warmed. Mr. Wm King of Wm King Clothiers in Bristol Tennessee put me onto the good folks at Castaway Clothing in Nantucket early in the spring. "Put their oxford cloth pants on, you won't take them off", he said. Very near right.

Castaways photo

General Marshall got me wondering. Why have I never seen white Oxford Cloth pants? A need for lining? Am I missing something, shopping the wrong stores? I wrote to Castaways suggesting that next spring they expand the color range, add long white OC and while you are at it, add pink too. Marketing patted me on the head.

As much as I may wish otherwise, I am rumpled, my body is rumpled, my clothes, taking on my my shape are rumpled. In the hotter months I wear rumpled linen and OC, a lot. Seeing me neat and pressed after Memorial Day would offend those who know me too well.

One evening, beside the pool, the gin talking, I invented the an outfit so self indulgent, if it doesn't exist I'll create it. A white OC suit, as a lighter weight alternative to linen?

In a gin addled state, drunk on limes, it made perfect sense. As cheap as the fabric would be, the cost per wear would be astronomical, even if worn daily. My alchemist would plead to make it in Super 160's, but I'll put my foot down. Someone in South Carolina must still grow suitable OC fabric.



Anonymous said...

"the gin talking...if it doesn't exist I'll create it...A white OC suit"

Have you sobered up yet?

If not, why not wear this suit around for a few days, just to see whether it's worth the effort to convince the alchemist you're right.

Toad said...

The wrinkle resistant part is truly scary. I have several white linen suits to choose from, but intuitively from the oxford cloth odd jackets I've seen, a suit could be the bee's knees. I'd hate to steal Julian Schnabel's gig.

Anonymous said...

"a suit could be the bee's knees"

And you shall have that suit!

I forgot to sign my previous comment. Old dog.


Anonymous said...

"Someone in South Carolina must still grow suitable OC fabric."

Still looking for your fabric but, so far, the only makers I can find are in South China.

Meanwhile, want to see some great clothes? NYSD ran a 7-part photo series on "The Leisure Class."