Monday, August 15, 2011

what i learned

Best traveling companion ever- Bonus Daughter Mindy

Driving from Mayberry to Boston and back with my bonus daughter this week was eye opening. Not for money would I care to relive my 20's. Regrets I have a few, but I am quite content.

I am a suburban boy who has spent too much time away from urban centers. Many lessons I have learned this week reinform what I learned long ago, other are needed tools for the future. I have come to learn that:

I love bloggers, and the people that read them, whether they be new or old friends, or simply friends I have not met yet.

I learned while in Boston that digital cameras can't swim, and automobile horns serve very little societal value. Horn usage is rare in Mayberry, and probably should be everywhere.

I am awed by the many shades of black and gray fabric available, but am unwilling to heed the pontifications of clothing and fashion writers, breathless about what's new for the upcoming season, so attired.

An eye for the beauty of urban landscapes needs regular reinforcement.

Left to themselves, most people will figure out what to do and do the right thing.

Never book a coven of witches and an Army unit reunion in the same small inn at the same time. Our inn in Brookline learned this the hard way.

I am, at heart, a people watcher, often caught out wondering, "where do you come from where that is acceptable behavior?". Not much I can do about this one.

I am a very lucky and happy boy. Happiest at home amongst kith, kin, our dogs and my toys. I'm glad to be back.



Bob said...

Toad, Bonus Daughter is quite fetching, and her eyes reasonate total kindness! Lucky man you are to have a blended family to be thrilled with!
Happy you met up with MFF, and ADG whose lack f blog post I mourn daily. Forgive my seeing double while I type away...yet still another jab this coming week to correct these old eyes. Enjoy Mayberry!

Shelley said...

Wow, you learned a lot! Funny how a lot of people don't want to admit they live in suburbia. I think it's a good compromise between city and country, but I enjoy visiting both a lot. And coming home, even better. Welcome home!

Anonymous said...

How lovely is your bonus daughter, Mindy! I'm imagining the two of you walking down the street together, I'm sure you both turned heads while improving those urban landscapes beyond measure. Glad you're back safely...


Mrs. Blandings said...

Glad for you to be back, though I enjoy the tales of your travels.

Patsy said...

I'm surprised the witches were holed up in Brookline, they usually prefer Salem.

Come back to Boston any time and I will show you some gorgeous urban landscapes.

I often wonder why people think their behavior is acceptable. I've come to the conclusion that they believe they are invisible.

JMW said...

Great post! YOur daughter is lovely. And the question about behavior is one I find myself asking this too often these days. What has happened?? And, so glad you were able to meet up with ADG - two dapper men, that's for sure. :)

Toad said...

Flo imagine if you will the following. You're 23. It's your last day in town, you're traveling with your bonus dad, who you know to have plans and believe to be reasonably capable if left alone. How much time are you going to spend with him in public.


Anonymous said...

"How much time are you going to spend with him in public."

Uh huh.

Well; maybe if you'd responded better to the set-ups:

[ ] You're going to wear THAT? uhhGIN?
[ ] Why do you ALLLways have to DRESS like that?
[ ] I'd go if you didn't always look so retro and act so ollllld.
[ ] I mean, why do you need to attract so much random street attention all the time?
[ ] Oh great, yeah, lunch with 2 complete nerds in, right, one of the world's greatest locations for guys, yeah [throws hair].
[ ] Here's the deal: I'll go if I can drive, and I'll go if I can have the credit card for at least an hour in Alexandria.
[ ] Yes, I AM going to wear this.
[ ] No, I am NOT going to wear a sweater.
[ ] I can't believe you're telling me to photograph my lunch so mother can see I'm eating, I thought we were close.
[ ] I do NOT know why my mother married you [spoken with a completely bogus taunting smirk]
[ ] WHY do you wake me up every morning like this, YOU go get the continental breakfast by yourself, I'm sleeping in.
[ ] I'm pretty sure the car is broken [spoken not quite softly enough upon her return to the room having been given a HUGE night out alone in major United States metropolitan city, WITH credit card]

And so on.

I'm just glad you're both back. I think she's adorable. And one day very very soon, she'll recognize you for the major hunk that you are.


old polo said...

Toad, Lovely Bonus Daughter, glad you had an adventure, glad you're back home in Mayberry. Enjoyed your travel dialog. You need a Series lla 109 Land Rover.

Toad said...

OP, I've spent all d*** day wrasslin with tools on my Swedish lawnmower. At this point in my life I'd hope a Landie would drive me out of my mind.

YONKS said...

She's a beaut!
I love your life observations, such a great way of sharing. I too love bloggers and feel enriched on a daily basis.

old polo said...

That is the problem my Friend, it's a Swedish lawnmower. Worst car I EVER had was a Volvo P1800.

Yankee-Whisky-Papa said...

Sorry I was out at the Great Lakes during your Boston return, Ol' Toad.. we could have picked up just where we had left off. Next time?