Thursday, August 4, 2011

Serial Killers

Al Alvarez's home office from the Guardian

Are all bloggers serial killers? Some of you? Most of you? Your propensity to kill has become an issue in our happy home.

I've met several bloggers over the past few weeks. My bride, wonders why I'd bother.

"Whatever could you possibly have to talk about?", she, who has never read a blog,asks. "Why are you waking early, in unfamiliar cities to visit with people you don't know? She's normally not such a misanthrope.

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Remember Faulkner's response to President Kennedy's invitation, "It's too far to travel to eat with strangers" ?"

Naturally my reply "that I've come to love those people who's blogs I read or who show up here", holds no water.

"For all you know they're serial killers."

What I've found is a group of curious, informed, inspiring and enthusiastic people, each with a strong dose of willingness to share. A more engaging group would be hard to find.

I've raised Mrs T's issue with those I've met. Mostly, their spouses never read their works, and many feel like Mrs. T. I wonder why. No one yet has admitted to murder.

Hardee's Fried Bologna Biscuit

I'm heading back on the road next week. I hope to meet a few pen pals, share a tipple or three, gag down a limited edition Hardee's Fried Bologna Biscuit and come home inspired by the wonders beyond my own back yard. In the mean time my daughter has been visiting this week, her husband arrives tonight and the rest of the relatives show up for a day at the pool Friday. Pray for surf.



Karena said...

Oh my gosh Toad!! Serial Killers, let me know if one of us gets arrested.

Those Fried Bologna Sandwiches. My dad made when I was young, always clipping the edges so they wouldn't curl!!


Art by Karena

Brohammas said...

My wife occassionally reads my work. I only know this because she will correct my spelling or grammar.
Meeting bloggers has been nothing but fantastic in my experience. PErhaps some I have interviewed are murderers but they did not murder me, so I say meet on!

Anonymous said...

Good wife doesn't get the blogging thing either.

James said...

It must be a spouse thing, my wife doesn't understand either. I try to explain the exchange of ideas,or the entertainment value and she replies that she can't see why people put their private thoughts on the internet. Then she goes back to watching "The Real Housewives of New York".

Bruce Barone said...

Wonderful post.

Mrs. Blandings said...

Mr. Blandings does read my blog (daily? probably not) but I think he keeps a close eye on who I meet in person. Our coffee was a summer highlight, fried bologna or no. Safe travels.

Bob said...

As a reader and not a blogger, I have come to believe that many of the those whom I read, are indeed better suited to being called friends, than the majority of my neighbors & relatives.

You Sir are at the top of the list. I am missing ADG very much. How you chosen bloggers do enrich my life, and I am grateful for "knowing" each of you! Best wishes for the road trip next week.

JMW said...

I do think I would be fast friends with so many people I correspond with on my blog. In fact, it feels like I'm already friends with many of them. I would love a chance to have lunch with some of these fine folks. In a public setting, so to decrease my chances of being murdered. ;) Enjoy your trip!

Toad said...

I'm surprised this post struck such a chord. Mass murders of a feather, and all. It's been such a wonderful and fast summer. I'm so glad I don't have school age kids, because the local schools start mid month, that mentally was the end of summer even though we have a month or more to go until it begins to cool off. Love you all, thank you.

Sartre said...

Toad, this is not a small question, at least in my mind. It's beyond me why a wife (or husband) would be uninterested in what her spouse had to say, unless...well...she was uninterested in what her spouse had to say. I find this more than a bit disconcerting. I hope these are not the couples who sit across from one another at dinner silently making bread pills.

Another theory is that said wife is just damn sick and tired of being lectured about her husband's hobbyhorses. This case is probably a lot more healthy than that which is stated above.

Toad said...

Sarte, I suspect its nothing sinister its merely a matter of she has her thing I have my thing and we have our things.

Even when asking, do spouses really care about our day at work? Probably not so much, but that rarely stops from us retelling the old chestnut about what an SOB so and so is.

I remained untroubled by my bride's reluctance to show up here regularly.

Anonymous said...

I fell for the fried bologna in the drive-thru the other day. It is over-rated the egg/cheese overpowers the flavor of the fried bologna. It would have been better on white bread.

T said...

I'm more of a cereal killer, myself...

pigtowndesign said...

Of my siblings, only one doesn't read it, because she thinks it's egotistical to write a blog. But the other sibs know what I am up to by reading it.

I've learned more from bloggers than I would have many other ways. The bloggers whom I've met have enriched my life in so many ways, and it's always been a huge pleasure to meet them. It feels like I've known many of them for ages, and we can skip all the b.s. that you go through when you meet someone new.

Can't wait to meet you, Toad!

Anonymous said...

Greetings from wintery Melbourne Toad!!
Those "biscuits" look like a heart attack on a plate. I hope your genetic inheritance provides more protection against things like that than mine has. My Scottish forebears unkowingly tried to kill me off with a heart attack in '09 but two great paramedics intervened.
Anyway, some time ago you wrote about wanting to read "Dance To The Music of Time". I found it unreadable. It's a perfect example of beautifully written prose about very little. God it was boring! My advice is to get a video of the BBC series.
Best wishes,
Ian from Downunder.

Shelley said...

I can't believe a serial killer would have time to blog, but that could just be my naivete. Bill and I have met several very distant members of our families via genealogical research and then gone to stay in their houses, having never before met them in person. We've shared similar thoughts, but decided that we'd exchanged sufficient emails that we felt 'comfortable' with one another. Which is not to say that we couldn't be killers and genealogists, both... I think genealogists and bloggers tend to like other people, though.

Toad said...

Ian the biscuit thing was sort of a joke. It sounds vile, but my daughter works for the company that owns the company that vends death on bread.

I did happen to meet a potential serial killer this morning. this one bears watching.