Thursday, August 25, 2011

Steve's Porsche 911S

Remember the opening scene of the movie "Le Mans" starring Steve McQueen? Steve opens the movie driving through the French countryside in his personal Porsche 911 S, reliving his tragic accident in the race the year before.

Last weekend Steve's car was auctioned at Pebble Beach. As my dad would have said, they were only looking for 2 (bidders). Steve's ownership coupled with the lingering scent of Ali MacGraw's cologne in the passenger seat drove 2 hungry oligarchs to play chicken at an auction. The prior owner won.

Steve's 911 S, changed hands for US $1,350,000. A record for 911's. Anyone else's 911S wouldn't make $50,000.

With thanks to The Hornet


Karena said...

The Porsche, very cool just as McQueen and Ms McGraw!


Art by Karena

Old Polo said...

$1,350,000...guess that means the Ali's perfume and Steve's testosterone is worth $1.3m US. Although, I don't think that Ali was around until '72. If I was gonna drop $1.3+m US on a McQueen machine I would opt for the Ferrari 250 Lusso or the Jaguar XKSS. He didn't hit a polo ball very well (Thos. Crown) and I hear that he was erratic as a driver. Could get around on a bike okay.

Charles Lister said...

I've only been reading this blog for a few weeks, but it never fails to amuse and enlighten...

"As my dad would have said, they were only looking for 2 (bidders)."

That's fantastic.

Toad said...

OP, those are great choices, but you may not get Ali in the bargain. Money well spent.

Charles welcome to the fray. I'm glad you are here.