Saturday, August 13, 2011


In this world there are far too few people with the innate goodness to be able to charm the birds out of a tree. Meg Fairfax Fielding, television star and doyen of Pigtown Design, is one of the special ones with that ability. I was honored to finally make her acquaintance this week.

Last time I made arrangements to visit her I stood her up and have hung my head in shame since. With bonus daughter in tow I vowed to never do that again.

"Let's meet at Petite Louis", she purred when I asked for a second chance. It's close to my office, and if we stay too late I can walk home. (click the link and read the menu, it's too die for)

The car guys may get a kick out of Louis's tres French van

We may have stayed too late. Sadly we had another 500 miles to drive that day and could not stay as long as I would have liked, but I'm already planning our return.

Should you have the opportunity to visit Baltimore, please consult with Meg about what to do and see. She has her thumb on the pulse of every bit of her hometown.

Once again than you Meg!!!!



Karena said...

Toad!! I am a bit envious, here I am in Kansas City and we have not met. Of course I stood you up in a way, although I had very little notice!

Of course to get together with Meg would be such a treat as well!


Art by Karena

old polo said...

Toad, you are correct sir. The French van is way too cool. Looks to be a Citreon 2cv. It would be an attention getter. Thanks for the posts.

ADG said...

Man. Seems like you had a lot of eggs that day!

Toad said...

Bonus needed to prove to her mother that she was eating on our adventure she had the eggs. So she snapped her plate, before and after. PL serves a mighty fine steak sandwich, with frites no less, for we carnivores.

Anonymous said...

The King and Queen of the blogosphere are pretty damn adorable, is what I think. And many thanks to TBD for the fine photos.


Bob said...

I am adding PL to the bucket list! The menu has me under the spell of actually being in France now rather than Atlanta. Please to know that you and Meg finally met up together!

Kionon said...

Looks quite tasty.

Pigtown-Design said...

LOADS of fun! I was so pleased to show you a tiny piece of Baltimore, and to finally meet you!


LPC said...

Jealous. Very jealous.

StoopidHousewives said...

The Eggs Benedict looked fabulous!