Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bunky's Birthday

There are any number of communities in America where it is required, for your own happiness and sense of self, to drink the local Kool Aid prior to visiting. Thirsty Outsiders stand out, pitied warily by the the locals. Consuming the local Aid in one such community, isn't a safe passage guarantee for entry to your next port of call. It's best to phone ahead.

My youngest son, knew early that he was meant to be a Portlandian, and drank a deep draught of the local the first chance he got. How/why I don't know. Prior to his move I'd never heard of anyone going there, and could offer no assistance. Portland, I suspect, was far enough from home, that his car would make it, and he wouldn't be much troubled by mom or dad. He's right. Ever the free spirit he fit in immediately and never looked back. It's been almost 13 years.

This is the first summer in 10 that he hasn't been a forest fire fighter. Due to the love and support of a good woman he may have finally found his calling. Soon Nursing School beckons, but first we need to celebrate his birthday today.

I am very proud of him. A young man of firm convictions and sense of purpose, it may have taken him longer to find his path, than his father would have hoped, but he did, and did it is his way. I love him dearly and am very proud of him.

Happy Birthday Bunky.

Love, OO


Shelley said...

My Dad always said it was better to have character than to be a character. Bunky sounds like he has a lot of character. Happy Birthday to him!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post. I too had a son that took his time to decide how he would journey through life. Somehow, though, God, in his mercy, allows them the time to find their path in life. And, in the end, it seems to turn out just fine.

Happy Birthday to your son and thanks to his dad for being there for him.

James said...

A joyous day to you both!

Suburban Princess said...

Happy Birthday Bunky!

I am still wondering what I will be when I grow up :O)

Patsy said...

Happy Birthday! Bunky sounds like a man you want around in an emergency.

Gail, in northern California said...

You must be so relieved. Living in the forest as I do, I thank our local fire departments every day for the men and women who find it in their hearts to join up. It's not for the faint of heart.

Coincidentally, we're working on an October fundraiser to get a new firehouse built someday. Today I'm meeting the fire chief and his wife to look at a little red fire engine we spotted high on a shelf of the ice cream parlor section of a store. We think it would make a great raffle ticket prize.

Happy Birthday, Bunky! And thank you for the years you gave.

JMW said...

Wow, what a man dedicated to service. First a forest fire fighter and now a nurse. Exceptional. After my mom's long stay in the hospital, and spending many long days with her, I can't tell you how much respect I have for nurses. Happy birthday to him - I'm sure you're a very proud papa!

Gail, in northern California said...

Hi Toad,
SOLD! One little red fire engine. Actually I shouldn't say "little". It's about 3-4 ft. long. Has upholstered seat, pedal-drive, a bell that rings, two wooden side ladders a tailgate that drops down for loading supplies...the works! The chief is so excited, he's about to order a rescue truck decal like the one the department uses. Wish us luck on the raffle--all money goes to the building fund.

Toad said...

Gail you are a hero. Great JOB!!!!!

Jane Kilpatrick Schott said...

Really lovely Toad. Too bad so many boys don't have the attentions of a good father. Another downfall that will suck the life out of this generation.

Love the new header!

Anonymous said...

"it may have taken him longer to find his path, than his father would have hoped"

He's probably been "on his path" the entire time. One of the wisest people I ever knew told me: "Your children are going to take you where THEY're going. It's best to catch on to this early before you get a notion that it works the other way around."


Anonymous said...

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