Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How do I...

Friends: I am soon locked in a car with 23 yo bonus daughter, driving straight from Beantown to Mayberry. With luck I'll be home Thursday evening, at which time no one may talk to me until Saturday morning. My ears are tired, and we haven't left. I will be able to fill in the blanks hopefully Thursday night.

In the mean time can anyone share how to add a comment now link to the bottom of a post in Google reader. Something along the same line as email this, digg this, etc.

Many thanks in advance



Anonymous said...

Do you know Janet Blyberg at ~JCB~?

She does what you're talking about beautifully, time and time again.

I can't help other than to send you in her direction. Heck, if you're still in VA, she's probably right down the street from where you are right now.



Karena said...

I bet Patricia knows....I never use the reader because I like to go on everyone's site!!


Art by Karena

ADG said...

Enjoyed the hell out of our visit the other morning!