Saturday, August 27, 2011

Please be careful

It's not a weekend for mirth on the US eastern shore, so I'll save it. Be careful friends, be safe. D bring the umbrellas and patio furniture in.

We look forward to hearing your stories over the next several days, just please, don't count your unhatched chickens.



Linda McMullan said...

Toad, all is good at Ocean Isle Beach...minor damage, some spotty power outages, shingles off, etc. We'll know more after daylight and stirring around. I'm sure there is erosion and wash-overs, but all is good.

Kathleen said...


I've moved all the adirondacks and pool furniture to the garage or beneath the back porch. All the planters are tucked away. But, there are still a few potential missiles that remain and I'm leaving those to the husband. The big worry, other than trees falling on us, is the possibility of having no power after the storm. Ugh. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Main Line Sportsman said...

We have battened down all hatches and closed all watertight doors...
The generator is full of gas and the frezzer full of there will be ice for rum & tonic regardless of Irene's caprice.

Pigtown-Design said...

all of the lawn furniture is stowed. plants are in or tucked onto the porch. plenty of food and booze. the rain's starting to pick up, as is the wind. connor's restless and i am bored.

Anonymous said...

I am an evacuee from along the coast of Long Island-
fortunately I am in a safe area.
We are getting rain and lots of humidity. Irene to hit
tonight. Wishing everyone a safe.
Keep up the good work--I enjoy reading your