Saturday, May 21, 2011

Castaway at Wm King

As Ralph repeatedly made clear on Oprah's show last week, men's clothing improves with age. Fashion doesn't play a very large part in our wardrobes. We'll wear the same clothes forever if we can hold our size.

Over time our duds gather a backstory. This is the jacket I wore when.... I bought this the same year that... Soon, the backstory becomes more significant than the garment. It's a story we wouldn't tell a soul, yet it's why we become so upset when our significant other tosses away a treasured item. That old thing? Yes, that old thing.

I received a phone call earlier in the week from my friend William King, of Wm King Clothiers. "Toad ya gotta try these trousers." He sounded serious. "Made by Castaway Clothing on Nantucket. They come with a great story.

The 2 lads who founded the line are great grandsons of the man who founded Murrays Toggery. Their granddad invented nanny reds. The boys have worked at Murrays since grade school, know their stuff, and began a line of clothes that hearken back to the days of our youth." Men, women's and children they cover it all.

Send them along, was all I said. While I wait for my blue oxford pantaloons, I'll share the link and some photos. I'll let you know in a couple of days (if you're still around) how much I love them.



Karena said...

I love these clothing lines!! Toad, I can't wait to see what you receive!

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You will love it!

James said...

Damn, I'm still here. I know what you mean about mean about clothes, I can't wait to wear my Toad jacket this summer.

T said...

Hey, whattayouknow...still here. Merry Preakness day, Toad.

Toad said...

It's not 6 yet where you live grasshopper. Don't be counting your chickens....

Anonymous said...

Do let us know what how they turn out....i told my wife that i'll hve a crabcake in one hand an a black eyed susan in the other at 6pm when the preakness starts...and if the apocalypse begins, i probably won't notice cause i'll be drinking bourbon!

Anonymous said...

"It's not 6 yet where you live.."

Well, it's way past 6 here where I live, so may I please start slinging the get-out-of-Biblical-judgement-free judgements?

Arnold Swatsanegger is a pervert deformed hog who I never liked anyway and who is proving himself to be who he always was, why did she marry him, not that she is anything but a diva herownself mind, but really a bodybuilder? look at any bodybuilder and what do you see, someone who stares in the mirror at his/hers self the entire time, I speak the truth, and how many times has he said with a microphone up at his [cheesy] lips well, i married a Kennedy and that's how I got where I am today, oh yeah, is that right? well [today is judgement-free day] has everyone seen the cow he lay down with outside of his marriage right there in his marital bed? well, of course you have, they're both pumped up is what they are.

Now I'm tired out, judgements will do that too you. A hog and a cow.

Sartre said...

Toad, I have some of their corduroys. Terrific. Mercifully, the trousers are cut quite fully, which is unusual these days. I am slim but hav always preferred the feel and the look of roomier pants. Anyway, I hope you like them.

Patsy said...

Hmmm, are they really made on Nantucket? That would definitely make me more interested in giving them a try.