Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Storyteller

I descend from a long line of shanty Irish, each of us capable of crying over a good steak. There are events, people and places in my life, the memory of which causes me to well up, often to the bafflement of those around me. Tuesday's get together with ADG, formerly of Maxminus will forever be one of those occasions.

I did not, even a second, consider or attempt to talk him into returning to the fray. He stopped for the same reasons you will. When I retired he hounded me back, and I won't return the favor. Nor will I stop, for fear of his promise to hound me back again. He does know of, misses, appreciates, and returns the love and depth of feeling of his many readers.

Should you be interested, you can peek here to see what he is up to on Tumblr.

So what did we talk about? Family, kids, holes in our library shelves, mine you will notice were filled in by the pile of books in my arms.

Then he bowled me over with a feather. "You need this", he said and handed over a small box.

Wm Hocker is an architect turned tin model soldier maker. This is one set of a very limited edition called The Storyteller which includes Mark Twain and some of his creations.

Tom and Huck

The Jumping Frog of Calaveras County

The Man in White

I have tears in my eyes writing this. Meeting the likes of ADG is why I show up here most days. It was one of the highlights of my life.

the white suit is from Perlis, in NOLA. The tie is Ellie Stager's


ADG said... isn't difficult to discern "good people" and you my friend, are as good as they come. I just wish that we'd had more time to visit...and that LFG was'da manifested a flood if she'd been your breakfast partner instead of me.


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Anonymous said...

What is this tear in my eye, what is it about the sight of these two giants standing together, two men I hold in such high esteem, storytellers both. Giants of the internet, what good fortune to have happened upon their work, what delight. Robert Penn Warren says it so well:

Tell Me a Story


Long ago, in Kentucky, I a boy, stood
By a dirt road, in first dark, and heard
The great geese hoot northward.

I could not see them, there being no moon
And the stars sparse. I heard them.

I did not know what was happening in my heart.

It was the season before the elderberry blooms,
Therefore they were going north.

The sound was passing northward.


Tell me a story.

In this century, and moment, of mania,
Tell me a story.

Make it a story of great distances, and starlight.

The name of the story will be Time,
But you must not pronounce its name.

Tell me a story of deep delight.

-Robert Penn Warren

Honored to be a reader.
Signed, Old Faithful

Gail, in northern California said...

You lucky dog you.
Happy to hear Maxminimus is happy, relaxed and enjoying his summer with friends. There isn't enough of him to go around.

Karena said...

Toad I am truly so happy you are meeting up with good friends from our Blog World. What a most special gift to receive from ADG!!


Art by Karena

Linda McMullan said...

Hello Toad - I followed a link from The Polo House Blog to yours, simply because I used to market my wares in a showroom named "The Manor Born", in the Merchandise Mart in Atlanta, Georgia. Owned by a petite English powerhouse named Wendy. I'm SO glad I followed that link; happy to know I have many mornings ahead of me with my coffee, reading my way through your archives. What a treasure to have a friend like ADG, and what a delight to find your Blog!

Anonymous said...

Toad & ADG, my two favorite bloggers/story tellers. Beautiful photo. Nice that you were able to cath up with one another and share with your readers.

T said...

Wow. In blog terms, this kind of qualifies as a cosmic event.

Also, you're taller than ADG. Odd.

Toad said...

I'm taller because I am older.

T said...

Ah, good. That means there's hope that I will grow another 2.5" to achieve the coveted 6-foot mark before I shuffle off this mortal coil.

In all seriousness though, very cool that you two got to meet in person.

Richard said...

I can just tell that the two of you are fine chaps, and you both have (had) wonderful blogs. (Not too mention a fine array of clothes).

Patsy said...

How perfectly wonderful - the meeting, the gift, the books, everthing.

Pigtown-Design said...

I KNOW it was an epic meeting!

Scale Worm said...

You two are Too Cool for words.
I am glad you had a fun get-together.

Clara Walmsley said...

Oh no, I'm in trouble. I am completely and utterly enchanted by the Wm. Hocker figures. I am going to have to order something right away from his catalogue !
Have been enjoying your blog immensely with it's warmth, good humor and breezy style. BTW, love it that you pay homage to Perlis etc. as I am a New Orleans girl living not to far from said store. You think it is hot in Mayberry ! All the best, Clara

Toad said...

Clara, one of my bonus son's went to Tulane so I accept that you trump for heat, humidity and a good dose of rain. I do so love your fair city.

Taking a survey. Which side of the Commander's Palace divide do you reside? So love it, some hate it. I lean towards hating it, but may be talked into trying it again.

Clara Walmsley said...

Oh, I'm so glad to hear that you hate it. I'm definitely in that camp , something my main squeeze is always trying to talk me out of. My favorite restaurants are Clancy's, Lillette and now Vizards, though the decor could use a little tweaking. I adore Galatoires and don't get there often enough.

LPC said...

Having met ADG, I can avow he is the real deal. I'm guessing you are too. So lovely to think of you both, meeting.

Ronin1951 said...

Toad,love your shoes. Where can I get a pair?