Sunday, May 8, 2011

Why we drive

Once again, least there be any misunderstanding, allow me to state publicly and unequivocally that I adore my bride. She can do no wrong. It's her planet, I'm privileged to be allowed to circle her orbit. That said...

It's rare we travel separately. When we travel together as often as not we drive, it's less hassle. Our land yacht holds lots of stuff, so we travel in comfort. Anyone else you know bring their TIVO along on vacation?

Mrs. T met up with two of her children this past week, left Thursday returned Saturday. She flew. Count the days with me. Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

The overweight charge for her checked bag was quoted at $65, on top of the $35 checked bag fee, call it $100, each way. Mercifully, they cut her some slack, and allowed to move some things to her purse, and overlooked some others, which dropped the fee.

So my question for the day is: How does one petite woman pack 20 pounds per day? Most of Chico's wares appear so gossamer, is that some kind of a visual trick? Are their goods lead lined? I can only imagine what her purse weighed, and yes, TIVO stayed home. I'm so incredibly happy she's returned.

Happy Mother's Day to you and all my favorite mothers.