Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mr. Yellow Pants

Gentlemen, a reminder. Mother's Day is this Sunday in the US.

How can you not help but have your closet influenced by this man?

Examine the details. Pay attention to the shoulders. There is a dissertation demonstrating the importance of fit, quality and detail in every photo.

On a younger man his look may be too precious, but the guy knows what turns run of the mill into something special. He makes appearing elegant, suave, dapper look nonchalant, comfortable. That's true style.

How many toggle coats do you see anymore? It was probably his father's. Notice the embroidered cords-without a break.

He gets my vote for best dressed man in America, every time.

Photos 1-3,5 The Sartorialist
Photo 4 Mr. Mort

Note: the second last photo is most likely not Mr. Yellow Pants, but more likely Bob Prenner of Ben's Silver, Charleston.



Jg. for FatScribe said...

can't wait to be a septuagenarian so that i can finally dress that hip w/out it being an affectation. great style.

Anonymous said...

Toad, you're right, this guy is amazingly dressed. I've always enjoyed pics of him in the past on other sites. Also, the second-to-last pic (the one with the fedora) is not of the same dapper gent. It is of Ben Silver from the famous store in Charleston, SC.

Toad said...

Anon you are so right. I questioned it as I posted.

Once again I am wrong, but it's not Ben, it's Bob Prenner, managing director of Ben's. There is no harm in following Bob's lead either.

David V said...

The benefit of age is you can dress the way you've always wanted and to hell with what your wife says.

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right Toad. Prenner is married to the late Ben Silver's daughter. They left their careers as attorneys in NYC to run the store out of Charleston. They are doing a darn good job it seems. That store's offerings are of the most refined taste. I'd love to buy my entire wardrobe from there....but can't afford to!

Toad said...

Anon, who can? Watch their outlet section. Often a great deal is to be found there.

Jane Kilpatrick Schott said...

WOW! What a guy. He would stop anyone passing him in the street.