Tuesday, May 31, 2011


The Sony Walkman and Apple Ipod not only forever changed the music industry but near killed commercial radio. Save for wake up time and while driving do you ever turn on the radio? Do you stream more out of town stations (WWOZ) than local? Would you listen more if you could record radio shows from whatever station you wanted, and play them at your convenience? The folks at Digital Audio Recorder are betting the ranch you would.

Suppose you were that crabby mom near Atlanta who enjoys Prairie Home Companion, but hates that it's only on Saturday during prime cocktail hour. DAR.FM records PHC and/or whatever else you want for playback when you want, on your choice of platforms.

It's currently in Beta, and a little wonky, but worth your while. Yes, Canadian, the Beeb and other "out of town" stations are included.


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