Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I blame Stan Musial & Dockers

When I was a kid I liked to visit my cousins. I hoped to get a glance at my boyhood idol,Cardinal baseball star Stan Musial, who lived across the street. Stan's playing career was coming to an end, but he owned a steak house nearby, and it was always my dream to go there for a birthday. Mom said it was too adult & put the nix to that plan.

Off field, Stan was a natty dresser, and would make the rounds of his place each evening, sign autographs, glad hand and keep the beer flowing always in a Cardinal red jacket and tie.

I remember an interview with "The Man" in the Sunday magazine of the daily paper around 1970. Stan who grew up in Pennsylvania coal county was asked about his attire. He never wore jeans, he said. Those were for working people. Men who worked in factories or in the fields. He was professional. Somehow that struck me as sound. Even in the late '60's and early '70's I'd only rarely wear blue jeans.

In those days Army surplus shops were plentiful and cheap. Military khaki's wore like iron, usually looked good. After my free work clothes from Uncle Sam wore out, I shopped surplus. Later Dockers, followed by, followed by, followed by Bill's. Frankly Scarlet, I am sick of wearing khaki's, chino's, brit tans.

This summer I am wearing pants that are lightweight, colorful and maybe fun. Linen, seersucker, poplin here I come. I officially swear off khaki's (with 1 exception) until fall. Casual Friday be damned.



James said...

Stan the man was also one of my baseball heroes. My Little League glove was an "autograph" model.I kept it in my bat bag through high school ball. My biggest peeve about jeans are men who just don't wear them well, seem to wear nothing else. If your butt can't keep them up move on!

Anonymous said...

You have madras pants in the closet, yes?

Anonymous said...

Hope you are safe, looks like some turbulent weather is on its way toward/around/near you.

Monty Dobson said...

Amen. I I banned them (khakis) from my wardrobe years ago. Being an archaeologist, I have to admit that the sartorial bar is relatively low. And must cop to favoring jeans in my daily routine, but I do have a few rules and thoroughly enjoy my extensive shoe collection. In addition, as a college professor, the rules have always been a bit fuzzy for my profession and eccentricities abound. So go forth my friend and add color to the world!