Friday, May 13, 2011

The Birthaversary

Today, I present for your celebration our family's red letter day times two.

First, today marks our annual observance of the birth of our beloved son in law, darling daughter Katy's husband, Gary. He is the tall lad in the white shirt. Happy Birthday to Gary. Your prize is in the mail.

Most importantly, today is also Katy and Gary's fifth wedding anniversary. They were married in a gorgeous beach side service in Cancun, Mexico.

On that most special day I wished them much happiness, and hopes for many splendid years together. I redouble those wishes today. They make a cute couple, and as long as each believes the other is in completely in charge, they will be happy for many years to come.

Happy Anniversary to two of my favorites. They always make me smile.

The cutie in the green dress graduates from high school tomorrow. I can't wait for that show. More later.



Silk Regimental said...

BEAUTIFUL family photos! I'm sure you're proud.

JMW said...

Happy birthaversary to them! What a lovely couple - and don't you and your daughter look wonderful together. Congrats to the graduate as well!

ADG said...

Very nice.

T said...

Seems like cause for a libation or four...lovely family, Toad.

Gail, in northern California said...

What a proud papa. It's a wonder there were any buttons left on that jacket of yours.

oldpolo said...

Great family Toad, and you look dapper even windblown. Our best to all.