Thursday, May 5, 2011

Paige a Service Kangaroo?

A very old photo, Paige is now much older, has all her teeth, is taller and sings like an angel.

I was speaking with granddaughter Paige's older sister about plans for her upcoming high school graduation. Parents have been provided a multi page list of thou shall nots for the ceremony, but I found a loophole.

Graduations should be all about the student, it's why we go, but they can also be about the shared family sacrifice necessary to reach such a momentous milestone. That's why I asked Paige to share the ceremony and be her sister's Service Kangaroo. It's like a service dog, only a kangaroo.

As I explained to Paige, she would hold her sister's hand and hop alongside in the processional, stand behind her while on stage, then take her sister's hand hopping alongside while she picks up her diploma, and hop out when the show was over. (The thou shalt nots don't even touch on this eventuality.)

Paige asked why.

Carefully, we went over her role in the proceedings, explaining that the kangaroo was vital during the picking up the diploma part, as she would have to carry, the rest was filler. Her sister would need one hand to hold the Kangaroo's hand and may need the other to adjust her cap, or gown. The Kangaroo, having the only free hand, would have to carry the diploma. Q.E.D

I gotta tell ya it's an ongoing tough sale. Paige strongly and persistently argues that if sis wasn't holding the Service Kangaroo's hand she could lug her own diploma.

Paige however enjoys being the center of attention. Once I fully explained the benefits of being on stage, the only Service Kangaroo in town, watched by tens of hundreds, probably even be on TV, the seas becalmed.

Now the joke's on me. The suit shown above costs $1165 US. I've going to have a MUCH tougher sale at home. It better come in school colors.



Anonymous said...

You can thank me later, but I've been able to figure out exactly what your sacrifice can be In Serivce to your granddaughters, oh yeah. Did you not say you're home alone this weekend? Three days' labor should be all it takes:

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Brilliant. Think I saw one lurking around the royal wedding.

And as I'm getting nowhere in my quest to have a gentleman's gentleman, perhaps I can offer the suit in exchange for a part-time service kangaroo. "Joseph" I imagine.

Toad said...

Flo, I waited too long, the item is sold out. I'm on the hunt now.

Anonymous said...
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