Thursday, May 12, 2011

Cool Guy- Burt Bacharach

If you had asked me earlier if I could change anything about my appearance, I would have said I wanted to look like a young Burt Bacharach. Maybe it was the hair.

Burt turns 85 today.

Only saw him perform live once, july 4, 1970

The music playing in the front seat while...

Happy Birthday Mr. B, another Kansas City boy done good.



Patsy said...

Mr. B and I share a birthday! He is slightly older and greyer.

Toad said...

Everyone join me in a rousing rendition of HBD to Patsy, please

Pigtown-Design said...

his songs are always so poignant.

Anonymous said...

HBDee e to P.
HBDeee eeee tooo Peeeee.
HBDEEE EE too Peee eee.
HBDeeee eeee tooooo P.

Queen Elizabeth and Burt are the same age, he should not have had the facelift. Lord the hours I spent in front of the record player listening to Dionne Warwick sing those BB/David tunes. Loved "Walk On By" especially, oh and "Anyone Who Had A Heart",,,,

Toad said...

"A House is not a Home" always makes me cry.

Anonymous said...

...and when I climb the stair, and turn the key, oh please be there, still in love, with me

Anonymous said...

Burt was born in 1928. He was 83 this year, not 85.