Thursday, May 19, 2011

T.E. Lawrence

Today is the anniversary of the 1935 death of my life long hero Thomas Edward Lawrence, Lawrence of Arabia. Killed in a motorcycle accident, after a quick jaunt to post a letter accepting an invitation to meet Hitler. In response to Lawrence's death the doctor who treated Lawrence went on to invent crash helmets for motorcyclists.

Unlike the scenes from the movie, Lawrence's funeral was held at St.Nicholas and St. Magnus Church in Moreton, Dorset. He is buried in the churchyard.

His effigy shown in the photo was originally planned for St.Paul's in London, which along with Westminster Abbey, and Salisbury Cathedral refused it. It finally ended up at St. Martin's, a 1000 year old Saxon church in Wareham, Dorset, near Lawrence's home.

BBC Photo

If you haven't yet selected your summer beach read, I recommend Hero, the Life and legend of Lawrence of Arabia, by Michael Korda.



Jg. for FatScribe said...

"after a quick jaunt to post a letter accepting an invitation to meet Hitler" ... whoa. never heard that before. erudition, thy name is toad.

Martha said...

We may have to travel to Doret to see this -- Lawrence of Arabia was one of my heros as a teen!

Barbara said...

Fascinating. Didn't know any of that.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Interesting character was Lawrence.
The movie is an all time favorite...what a cast and what cinematogrophy