Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Smother Love for Abnormally Normal

Does this ring true to you? It may give hope to MOTR.

In anticipation of the DVD release of the film Cyrus, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment sponsored a survey of 3000 people over 18 living with their parents, and 1500 of those parents.

The results publish by Reuters Life! hardly sound true.

Highlights include:

Parents are three times more likely to allow their adult sons to return to the family home than daughters. Is this because girls often come with kids and layabout boyfriends?

Returning sons or "boomerang boys" are considered more obliging house guests than their sisters and that they easily wrap their mothers around their little fingers. Are returning children really house guests?

Sons are more likely to pay rent, lend a hand with the housework and accept parental advice on careers and love, compared with daughters who are regarded as lazier and less likely to contribute to the household. In no known universe could this be true.

More than half the mothers interviewed for the study were glad their sons had returned home, and only 18 percent acknowledged their boys had overstayed their welcome. The survey showed that 58 percent of mums admitted spoiling their sons, but only 35 percent gave their daughters the same treatment.

Mums are more inclined to cook dinner for their sons, wash and iron their clothes and provide a taxi service. Sons also tend to be more frequent recipients of cash handouts, although girls tend to get more total cash. Moms cook and clean out of fear of embarrassment in case of being seen with their sons. While not fair, it is more expensive to be a girl.

Not surprisingly:

Despite the apparent willingness to coddle their sons, the survey also revealed that parents were concerned about them becoming too dependent and never moving out again.

A third of parents also said that having their child back at home with them means that they argue more; with a fifth being embarrassed by the move and 16 percent admitting they had thought of downsizing just to get rid of their children.

Or you could just change the locks.



Divine Theatre said...

The State of Illinois became my "parent" when I was seven years old.
Leaving home at such an early age skewed my perspective to a degree (or two), but I stand in curious awe of an adult male whose mother still makes his lunch. It is beyond my ability to understand. It disturbs me a great deal, actually.

Mom on the Run said...

If we ever get them off our dime, we're moving away and changing our names.

Suburban Princess said...

It's like that movie Failure to Launch....the mother wanting the son out on his own but still cooked and cleaned and did everything for him every day! I saw a little bit of myself in her lol

Mrs. Blandings said...

I live in fear that my youngest will try to udge his way back in. As for the chore thing, as adults living for free I bet they are not stupid. Taking out the trash and raking are much easier than getting a job to support yourself.

Anonymous said...

Sharing this with my will start a conversation about our children, I'm sure!

Patsy said...

When my stepson gets out of the Coast Guard, we're sending him to live with my parents for a few months (while he's in school). That'll teach both of them to mess with me!

Anonymous said...

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