Saturday, February 26, 2011

Odds and Ends

Many thanks to all who made Paige's birthday special. When I called her after school, I was told she was at the movies. Who knew Justin had a movie? 3D at that. I do now.

From either the library, our local bookstore, Amazon and Alibris a book a day shows up around here. That number may change.

In honor of their 50th anniversary Penguin Classics UK has introduced the Mini Modern Classic. Fifty short fiction favorites.

According to their web site:

Introducing the Mini Modern Classics...

To celebrate our 50th anniversary we're publishing 50 Mini Modern Classics: the best short fiction by the greatest writers of the last century - from Beckett to Kafka, Nabokov to Saki and Updike to Wodehouse. Each little book is a quick literary hit, a satisfying shot of storytelling. And though they don't take long to read, they'll stay with you long after you turn the final page.

The US edition of Penguin Classics, nearing their 76th birthday, make no mention of Mini Classics, but I hope, suspect, wish, want a US version to appear soon.

II. Maybe-Maybe Not

Invented by a woman, made for a man.

You decide, many thanks to Neatorama


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Town and Country Mom said...

Really. I would like to see a hands-free sandwich maker. ;)