Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Peacock's Anachronism

I've written before that I believe Mr. Irons may be the most beautiful man ever invented, and take cold comfort knowing he is somewhat older than I. Still, I am envious of his 30+ year marriage, knowing I'll be very old before hitting that landmark. I even pretend he dresses himself.

As gorgeous as he was in the original Brideshead Revisted, today we concentrate on his role as Rupert Gould in Longitude (2000). An early scene, set in immediate post WW I England had him wearing a navy suit with wing collared shirt, a shirt style which was then becoming an anachronism. Worn with a polka dot bow tie he was stunning. Since whenever I wear a tie it is always a bow, I've longed for a non formal wing collared shirt since.

Imagin photos of the salesman's patron saint, Winston Churchill, and

Edwardian era Vanity Fair drawings.

I had designed and redesigned MY shirt hundreds of times over, never once considering, much less answering the question of why I needed an anachronism. I could have consulted the master ADG , but I didn't need to be egged on, I just needed to do it.

My opportunity came early November. A Groupon offer by a local haberdasher offered 2 custom shirts for 1 low price. I snapped it up. 16 weeks into a 6 to 8 week schedule, including 6 days for UPS to ship the package across town, the goods arrived Tuesday.

Cream, (I don't care for white) with all my bells and whistles. I like it, but it falls under the I'm going to have to wear this, lest it wear me category, taking pains not to dress like either Hercule Poirot, or a waiter. The French placket front may have been the step too far. Nonetheless, perfect for dressing for dinner at the manse.



Silk Regimental said...

Great tie!!!

Divine Theatre said...


Scale Worm said...

I have no custom made shirts but am inspired, of late to look into this.

preppyplayer said...

Very handsome and put together, poochie too!

Anonymous said...

I want one too.

Not too long ago, Orvis carried a couple of anachronistic shirts for ladies, I waited too long to finally decide Yes on an equestrian high-standing collar shirt w/ covered placket, very Downton Abbey, pure and chaste it was.

lostpastremembered said...

Jeremy Irons just has that long lanky elegance that never grows old or gets old.. he would look good in a bedsheet.

Good for you to get a great shirt made to order... does it have shirt studs too???

ADG said... look GREAT man! The first image of young Churchill is by Mortimer Menpes...a London based artist and protege of J.A.M. Whistler.