Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Much of Missouri was hit hard yesterday by the snow man. Not Mayberry.

The storm of historical proportions passed us by. Monday was rainy, Tuesday had more sleet than snow. Today is cold and windy. Tomorrow more cold, more wind. The city is closed today, road cleanup will be hampered by the cold but otherwise all is well.

Not so many miles north or west and the pictures are not so pleasant, but this is what a historic snow fall looks from my vantage point.

To those not so fortunate my heart goes out to you. It really was a nasty storm... somewhere. If you need a port in the storm get in touch.



Divine Theatre said...

My police officer husband spent most of his 12 hour shift last night on foot, as the patrol vehicles could not get through the snow!
The Chicago news is focusing on Joliet, but I think it is simply because their reporter is stranded here with nothing else to do!

JMW said...

We were so lucky to have missed it this time around. Yes, hearts out to those dealing with this.

James said...

Glad to see you and yours have made it, looks like the lions are enjoying it.