Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Award Season

I have been remiss. Over the past several weeks, we have been given 2 blog awards. The first, The Stylish Blogger Award came from Lou, of The Archers at the Larchers.

All of what Americans know about Britain is filtered through the prism of public television. If not in London, then ALL English people live on farms near bucolic villages with ancient pubs, with houseloads of dogs, a yard of chickens, pots of jam and tea at the ready. Pure Miss Marpleland.

Lou, has the setting, but a life too. Stop in and say hello. She's a breath of fresh air.

The Stylish award came with rules. Something about the ritual sharing of hidden secrets, recessed memories, and not obvious personal tidbits. I then need to pass this award on to deserving bloggers.

I have written previously on this subject, that I take all challenges seriously, sorta. My favorite bloggers are black and blue from being tagged more often than a cute cousin at a family reunion, so I'm going to cheat.

Instead of a single litany of my sins, or an airing of grievances, I'll ease the band-aid off and bury my secrets and pass along this award in upcoming posts. It's up to you to find them. Few will likely surprise. By all means, you're getting tagged.

The Fat Scribe has presented the " A Blog with Substance" award. Substance? Has he ever been here?

The Fat Scribe is a treat. I'm in his debt for a book recommendation, that he knows nothing about. When not galavanting around the globe on secret business dealings, he writes an entertaining, thoughtful, erudite blog. His comments here often bring me up short. Add him to your reader, you'll be glad you did.



James said...

You are right on both accounts, very enjoyable reads.

Jg. for FatScribe said...

What a thoughtful (too thoughtful, really) gentleman you are, sir. very kind of you. i must say that your droll writing and dry wit bring me back time and again (compliments are great too!); this line is but a recent example:

"My favorite bloggers are black and blue from being tagged more often than a cute cousin at a family reunion"

i lift so many excellent blogs to visit from your followers list, that i feel i'm cheating when someone follows me back!

i doff my cap, sir. i'm now off to visit The Archers!