Saturday, February 12, 2011

Book Report Day- Hero, by Michael Korda

David Lean's 1962 classic Lawrence of Arabia is my all time favorite movie.  I remember clearly the afternoon my aunt dropped us off at the theater with a dollar apiece telling us she'd be back. We believed her too.

Ever since, Lawrence has been my idol, without my having any true understanding who he was or what he  did. Fast forward to 2011 and Michael Korda has changed that.

Korda's new book, Hero: The life and Legend of Lawrence of Arabia is a must read for the history and military buffs amongst us.   I admit to a bias.  I'd enjoy reading Korda's grocery lists if he published them.

As Korda makes clear, Lawrence will always remain an enigma.  Yet he was a born leader, an academic, aesthete, fearless and impervious to deprivation. He studied military tactics and marksmanship as a child.

The guerrilla war tactics, he invented, the ruling families he selected and the fledgling map of the Middle East he sought to impose, after the breakup of the Ottoman Empire continue to vex the world.

My sole disagreement with Mr. Korda is with his description of Lawrence's most lasting work, Seven Pillar's of Wisdom, as one of the greatest books ever written about war.  Admittedly, this reflects more upon me, but try as I might, I can't plough my way through it.  Maybe next year.

Hero is a great story told well, and a perfect winter read.  Give it a go.



Main Line Sportsman said...

I also love the movie...and will put this book in the line up...thanks for the suggestion.

James said...

I'm like you I just can't get into his book. I do admire the movie and will read "Hero". Thanks for the tip.

Martha said...

I'm like you, i could never get into Seven Pillars of Wisdom -- I loved the movie -- it was such a great story and a great movie . With the perfect actors in all of the roles!

I'll have to see about this book.

house things said...

Thanks, Toad. I'm going to get this one.

Divine Theatre said...

Oooooh! Right up my alley! Thanks for letting us know!

The Wounded Healer said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I am always on the lookout for a good winter's read. I guess my only hesitation is having never seen the movie from start to finish -- only on TV, in bits and pieces. Having no preconceived notions may turn out to be an advantage however in reading the book. I will let you know. Thanks for your continued interest in my fledgling blog.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Thank you Toad. I would love to read Korda's book about Lawrence. Lawrence of Arabia is too my husbands all time favorite film. He could watch it over and over. I will be tracking down this book and soon. Wishing you and the Mrs. a happy weekend. ~ Deb