Thursday, June 3, 2010

We should have collected tribute

Remember the why of the Maltese Falcon? The jeweled bird was a gift from the Island of Malta to a Spanish King, in gratitude for services rendered. In the old days, folks did that sort of thing. A sort of thanks. A "we remember the good you have done us", sort of prize.

At the risk of being politically incorrect, and offending the wonderful Meg of Pigtown Design I feel that Great Britain should have paid the US tribute for our contribution in ridding them of David Windsor, Hitler's king in exile, HM King Edward VIII.

The US, gave up one vapid woman, in return Britain lost a King who was a Nazi sympathizer, and gained a warrior King, saving themselves from Nazi annihilation, what a trade.

Today is the anniversary of Dave and Wally's 1937 wedding.

Twentieth century historians will argue forever the merits of David's reign. Post war, he was a historian, writing extensively on his family and ironically, military history as well clothing, for which he is best known.

The private world Wallis and David created and filled with hangers on of all stripes, was made to seem fun, glamorous, and terribly important. In fact is was anything but.

It's unfortunate they didn't get the noose.



M.Lane said...

I've always wondered why there is this cult of personality surrounding the DOW in light of the apparently well documented support of Hitler. Perhaps the "romantic" story. Certainly the clothes. Shows what good clothes and a great PR machine can do.


Pigtown-Design said...

I am very conflicted by the D&DoW. She was from Baltimore, so there's a certain fascination with her because of that. She had an amazing sense of style in her clothing and jewellry selections, but apparently, not so much in her decor choices. But some of the things that the D&D did are pretty repellant.

James said...

It is interesting to speculate what England would have been like if he had been King. I think Churchill would have kept the country in the right direction, but what underhanded dealings would DOW pulled off as King?

The Down East Dilettante said...

I'm late for this party, but want to chime in with three cheers anyway. In the corner of the blogosphere that I inhabit (architecture & design), that blasted couple shows up on a daily basis, almost always with wild admiration for the romance and glamor of it all, to which I have to say 'BOSH'! You've nailed it perfectly. The day I started my blog, I swore that their names would never darken my cyber pages, and I beg you to notice that I have written this entire comment without doing so either.

Empress of The Eye said...

Brilliant post!

Happy Anniversary you stylish couple.
The good, the bad and the ugly.

Shelley said...

I'm no expert on the subject, but my general impression is that -- apart from not actually wanting to become German citizens instead of British -- many of the upper class were rather right-wing, given that the alternative that scared their socks off was socialism or, worse, communism. His younger brother really would rather not have taken up the office and the late Queen Mother blamed David for her husband's relatively early demise.

You may well be right that the US did Britain a favour and he may have been a poor king. I've always heard that a woman who marries for money will earn every penny. I like to think that she may have enjoyed her classy clothes - and being skinny, she wore them well, but that she paid dearly for her 'catch'.

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