Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Grandpa day

Part of the fun of Grandpa Day is the opportunity to try new things, in the name of being the cool grandpa, while all the while maintaining traditions. One of our traditions is going to the movies, Paige picks, I buy.

We have seen some turkeys over the years. Remember Kung Foo Panda? I was there. The Pokemon movie? Seen it. Paige and I disagree on the worst of our adventures. She says her worst of all was Wallace and Grommet, either because she was too young, or poor home training. I hope for the former. I'm voting for Pokemon.

Today was my initiation to the Toy Story franchise, in 3 D thank you.

Those of you awaiting some snarky, I'd wish I had never been born commentary, are going to be disappointed. I liked it. Seen in a crowded theater with lots of kids and cute moms escaping hellish outside temps, it was a very pleasant way to kill a couple of hours. I even cried at the end. If you have kids that age, you are going anyway, so there is no need for my endorsement, but I give it unconditionally anyway.

What came as the biggest surprise was the 3D angle. Paige tells me there is 3D and Real3D. My inaugural was Real3D, and I'm hooked. I may never willing see another 2 D flick ever ever. If you are drifting into geezerhood, and don't have kids at the ready, take yourself just to be amazed at the viewing experience. The trailers will blow you away.

Back to the pool.


Suburban Princess said...

Awww you are a good grandpa!!

I kinda liked Kung Foo Panda :O)

Are the grandchildren still there with you? Are you having the time of your life?

We took the little guy to visit his grandparents this weekend and hubby's dad spent hours carting water back and forth so little one could water every flower in sight lol!

James said...

Perhaps one of the best parts of geezerhood is grandpa days. Once again you have shown me there is a pillar of decency and civility way out yonder in Mayberry.

Toad said...

SP until further notice I am still on the job.

James thank you,Grandpa Day its one of my favorites.

Free Kansas said...

I recall advising someone to see Avatar in 3D for the viewing experience. I was told that 3D couldn't realy be that cool.

Glad you two enjoyed it.

LPC said...

Hey, I liked Kung Fu Panda! Never mind, way to go granddad:).