Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Have you seen the castle?

Look around you. Do you see anything with real permanence? Do you believe the era of dedicated craftsman is over, gone, dead, kaput? You are mistaken. You're looking in the wrong place.

Take the next Google express to Lead Hill, Arkansas, and check out the Ozark Medieval Fortress, and let your mind wander.

French amateur archeologist Michel Guyot has had a lifelong interest in medieval castles. Over the years he became an authority on 13th century building techniques and has worked all over France, providing advice and assistance to restorers of crumbling ruins.

He wanted to build a castle, using only the technology available in 1300 AD. Opportunity knocked in rural Arkansas. A displaced French couple, who moved to Arkansas to be closer to their grandchildren had the land, and resources to make it happen.

M. Guyot recruited a local team of contractors, willing to meet OSHA building requirements, using only hand tools, while dressed in medieval garb to sign on for the 20 year project.

If you ever wanted to see an old French castle, but couldn't see dragging the kids to France, this may be your shot. Tours of the building site are available daily. It's hoped visitor fees will make the build self funding.

Enjoy the trip.



Martha said...

Toad, it isn't that far from Linderhof -- we may have to make a trip -- we've seen many completed castles in Europe but to see one being built -- how great!

I didn't even know it existed!

Thanks for sharing!

Suburban Princess said...

How very interesting! I bet all the people in the SCA are dying to have events there!

High Heeled Life said...

That is amazing!!! I agree that the world has become to "disposable" ... I certainly hope we return to a much simpler time.

Toad said...

Quest que c est,l' SCA?

skorpeo said...

even real medieval castles lose a bit of something after all the safety measures are installed. hopefully they can create something authentic and with enough safety in the design so they don't have to ruin it with gaudy handrails and the like.