Thursday, June 24, 2010

Never too Young

Last weekend my daughter Katy and her husband were in town to attend her cousin's wedding. The wedding was Friday, and Katy asked if she could have a swimming party here Saturday afternoon. Party on.

I think they and their friends had a good time. I wasn't certain until yesterday when we received this thank you note from the 2 youngest partiers, 2 1/2 yo Joe and his brother 1 1/2 yo Robby.

The guys may have a hard time, but the moms should get this in a heartbeat.

The first picture, in orange crayon, thank you, shows the 2 little boys swimming in our pool.

The reverse side:

signed Robby and Joe at the top. Bottom says Thank you. But you knew that.

We haven't had a fridge picture in donkeys years. It made our summer.



Anonymous said...

I too am pretty certain the boys had a blast! Judging from that too cute card!!

ADG said...


Suburban Princess said...

I still have Paige's letter on my fridge :O)

Paul said...

It's wonderful when you get a thank you note... it's even more wonderful when parents teach their youngsters good manners early in life - it lasts.

James said...

That is too cool.

JDB said...

Warms my heart to know that parents are teaching their very young ones to write thank yous. Maybe there is hope afterall.

LPC said...

Too cute!