Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Old Notebook

Off and on for many years I've kept a notebook of pithy sayings, ads that caught my eye, cartoons, notable quotes and generally good ideas. Sadly, I haven't done it for a while, as I've traded my PC for paper.

I find I've missed it, so Friday I decided it was time to go back to paper. I picked up a Moleskine which I'm not yet happy with. It's too new, perhaps the wrong size and cumbersome. My fault, I should have paid more attention while shopping, but eventually I'll come to appreciate my new version.

Completely unexpectedly, I uncovered an older notebook Saturday afternoon. The day was cold rainy and generally miserable, so I spent an unplanned afternoon reviewing the past. Most of the entries date from the mid 90's, and I thought I'd show how the more things change the more my tastes remain the same.

Consciously, I couldn't have told you what was in here. As soon as I dove into the pages I was flooded with old and mostly very fond memories.

This was the cover page, stolen from The HitchHikers Guide to the Universe

Perhaps one time wished for , but never, ever happened in real life.

I'm not a scotch drinker, but have always loved Calder. Four years or so ago, Mrs. T and I went to Madrid. Late on a wet, cold Sunday afternoon we were both getting a little homesick and walked into the Museo Riena Sophia to get out of the weather. Hidden in the back was a Calder exhibit which just took my breath away. That Sunday made the whole trip worthwhile.

This was my life, 24/7.

The linen suit obsession festered for a very long time.

Hidden within those pages was my daily exercise routine too. I better get back to it.



skorpeo said...

i kept a journal for years and years. sadly, about 5 years ago i just lost interest. i like to think i became more adjusted in life, so i didn't need to have "threapy" with myself anymore. one time i went back and read some of the entries, and one in particular, was written in the winter in my apartment that had no central heating. even though i re-read it several years later during the height of summer, i actually felt cold as the memories became so vivid.

ADG said...

Love the Calder ad. Being sans computer right now, I revisited 3 boxes of documents this weekend-including old journal entries. Must be something in the air.

Anonymous said...

This might be good for a laugh...

Toad said...

Thank you Anon, I've thrown mine away.

Legallyblondemel said...

It's wonderful (if often only wonderfully humbling) stumbling upon old notebooks, isn't it?

You must have been an attorney in a past life if you were once a billable hours drone? You seem too nice for that, but it happens to many of us.