Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Wedding Question please

Mrs. T and I were discussing the upcoming wedding of the daughter of friends and a question arose neither of us could answer. I look to you for guidance.

Collectively, we have been to probably a hundred weddings in Churches of most every denomination, but have never attended a Jewish wedding in a Temple/Synagogue. Are weddings not done in the Jewish faith?



preppyplayer said...

It is obvious that you do not live in the Northeast :)
Yes, people of Jewish faith do have religious weddings, but they are not required to marry in a temple. The only requirement is that they marry under a chuppa ( a structure similar to a hut without sides) so they can marry in a restaurant, a garden, pretty much anywhere as long as they are under a chuppa. Google chuppa images and you will be shocked at how many types chuppas and how ornate they can be)

Don't feel bad, I was trying to explain to my Jewish mother-in-law why Catholics must marry in a church. She said she had never heard of that and couldn't really understand why that would be required as long as there was a priest. And that she has many protestant friends that have married outside a church.

I have been married to her son for 25 years and this was the first time she had heard about the Catholic requirement... I guess she wasn't paying attention when we were married?

Toad said...

My bride and I come from a languid Catholic background, and all of our Jewish cousins were married in hotel ballrooms. We just didn't know. Thank you.