Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Any thoughts?

I know, my closet is full, but I have this suede shoe thing.

The shoes are on EBAY, my size, and I am selling two things whose auctions close soon. they are alleged to be off white. Presumably they are sitting on a white cloth, so they can't be that white can they? Are the fall-able?

G, I need your help.



David said...

I came *that* close to buying pale tan suede ankle boots on gilt.com today. Actually, if they're left in my size tomorrow I *am* buying them, so I say go for it.

Giuseppe said...

Ain't nothing wrong with Ferragamo shoes, nothing at all.

I say the off white color is going to make them quite the thing with a brown tweed jacket and un-ironed khakis. Wear them till they're scuffed like hell and don't clean them. I know it's hard, but trust me, then they'll be perfect.

Go for it. If Mrs. T complains, blame it on my poor advice and unsound judgement.

Hope that helps.

Toad said...

Done deal. David and G it's on your conscience. God I have no will power.

Clinton said...

I own two pairs of light tan/off white/light stone/whatever-you-call-it suede shoes, one monk strap and one lace up. I regret neither of them and fully intend to wear them well into autumn, regardless of whatever anyone might say.

ADG said...

Buy 'em! You ain't been doing nothing but sitting around thinking about stuff lately. Time to pounce my man-pounce. I just paid the Orthodontist 3800 for LFG's orthodontia journey. Had to stop by Polo and get me a little somethin' to make me feel better-socks.