Wednesday, September 16, 2009

After the whites, before the tweeds

I had begun this post several days ago. Then things turned ugly crazy around here, and I stopped, picked it up again, stopped, and decided to either do it or forget it. I find if I am having trouble with a piece I am either unprepared or just not that interested and should drop it.

We'll see. I'm interested. No idea how prepared I am.

Then, I read The Elegantologist's piece this morning on a similar topic, twisted in only the ways he can. His life is much grander than mine, so often I live vicariously through his posts. I'm certain he wouldn't approve of what's coming next. I hope he forgives me, I love him anyway.

I've noticed that every year around this time, when the whites, seersucker and colors have been put away for the season, local gentlemen tend to go overboard towards the khaki, shooting sports, and tan poplin side of the spectrum.

September first opens dove hunting season, and today is opening day of archery season for deer.

Although I don't hunt, I find my wardrobe reflects local tastes. The weather will stay comfortable until near Halloween. Khaki pants, a cotton shirt and light jacket will do for the next month or so.

I find myself reaching for this jacket for around the yard, or trips to the hardware/feed store. It has a sort of "you might be one of us" look, so important when hob nobbing with the Range Rover crowd. It's a classic shooting jacket modeled after a safari jacket without the cumbersome belt.

I am amazed by the things I pull out of the pockets at the end of the day. Whatever I can't find I look here for it first.

My next go piece of kit is this photographers vest.

I've had this longer than the shooting jacket, and although its rather heavy, it molded to fit me. Again too many pockets by half.

As I mentioned last week my closet is full, and I am trying to keep from filling it further with stuff. However, last week I received my annual Kevin's catalog from the quail hunt country in southern Georgia. I'm captivated by this jacket.

It has a number of nice touches and is fairly priced. Mercifully, the size that fits my chest leaves the sleeves dragging on the ground. The tailor could fix that, but..... That's the trouble with off the rack SML sizing.

Around the same time the weekly Orvis catalog arrived. It's filled with temping odd vests. Ignore the listed prices, they are cheaper on line. I'm hoping for even cheaper holiday sales.

Last fall, I searched high and low for an affordable gray shawl collared cardigan sweater. This isn't gray, but it is a shawl. I have several already, this being an Orvis staple. Each year they change the color and the price. I'm holding out. Should you find one let me know.

Finally, there is this vest. It's hemp (linen).

I have no idea how long you could get away with wearing this into the fall, but I like the look. Alas, not for me this year.



News Readin' Wife said...

Big fan of Kevin's and the photographer's vest. Picked up a few cashmere long sleeve tees from Peter Millar for the husband that I think will be good layering pieces on chillier days. (If that ever happens - 86 and humid still...ugh.)

Hope you are well Toad! Heading to Wm. King's for a night of Bill's Khakis, Booze and Bluegrass. Wish you lived closer...

egadfly said...

Toad, I really like the look of that Barbour jacket. May I ask where you got it?


Toad said...

It's a Barbour Breathable. I have had it about 10 years,and we have been around the world together.

If you look closely on EBAY, esp EBAY UK, you'll find a guy who is a barbour rep. You'll need to read between the lines to find the guy. Once you do, you'll discover he has everything most reasonably priced, but not necessarily listed. Ask and you shall receive.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

We called them "Danger Boy vests" at school and I coveted one. Can you go wrong with a Barbour?

Now all I want is the Roosevelt jacket at JL Powell. (I like the shooting shirt. But these days, I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn from the inside. It would remind me of that.)

All in all the whole rig is Hemingway-esque, think of it that way.

Thanks for the compliment. As a favourite bar band of mine used to sing: "Some of this is true/Some of this is better." I've just upped the bar on my own mundanity.

The Ancient said...

It may be more than you want to spend, but I am very fond of a greasewool shawl neck sweater I got from French Creek about 15 years ago. It's extremely comfortable and quite indestructible.

(They offer one or two other versions.)

((Decades ago, I had nearly the same sweater in cashmere but I wore it out.))