Friday, September 11, 2009

Location, Location, Location

Mrs. T's TIVO never, ever shuts off. It can be infuriating at 1:30 Am to try to watch a program only to find TIVO is already recording 2 programs. To counter that we have developed a routine.

TIVO lives in Mrs. T's office (our bedroom). For years, just as we turn out the lights we watch a couple of minutes of HGTV's House Hunters, or on a good night House Hunters International. We've seen them all, but never remember which they choose, so its always new to us. Who can focus at 2 AM?

Last night, we're watching Pierre shop for a pied a terre in Paris. He's only willing to spend 500K Euro's, so by Parisian standards he's looking for a large closet. He's happily content looking at 650 square feet. Remember we're talking at a grand a foot here.

Finally, the agent takes him to a palace. 800 square feet, and he's undaunted by the 550k Euro price tag. Moderately out of the way, but he can have a bed and a table in these palatial digs. If he picks a small bed, perhaps there is even room for a plant. The floors were gorgeous though.

As we're becoming excited for Pierre, out of the blue Mrs. T announces, Pierre's spending $700,000 for property the size of our swimming pool!! Ruined my night's sleep.



tintarosa said...

I semi-regularly watch HHI. I'm always thankful that I live in the USA. Some of the dwellings they have to choose from are so depressing. I caught an episode a few weeks ago where the husband wanted a large backyard. He chose an ugly home with a yard that was no bigger than a postage stamp. He could have "mowed" it with a pair of scissors!

David said...

If you're going to be short on space Paris isn't a bad place to do it!

ADG said...

I paid 165k for 880sq ft in 1989. I thought I was gonna die. I got paid twice per month. It took one paycheck and a hundred bucks from the second one. I kept it through the years as investment move I ever made.