Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Patch Tweed Scarf

This is another great idea that has a thousand fathers, and whose fate may depend upon you and one very creative woman.

For the past couple of years I have been toying with the notion of patch tweed and/or patch tartan winter scarves. I want it long, say 6 foot, and appropriately wide.

The plaid, on plaid on plaid on plaid outfits in the photos below are the inspiration. I love how the the plaids are all different, yet when worn together make for a cohesive whole.

To bring my idea to fruition I asked bow tie creator extraordinaire, Ellie LaVeer Stager, if she may be interested in taking on the project. I got a firm maybe.

I don't intend to speak for her, but I believe her hesitation was sourcing a suitable selection of tweed and tartan jackets at various yard and thrift sales to make this worthwhile. Tartan jackets may be a real pain to locate.

My plan was to use a basic wool, or other winterish fabric. Seems more readily available to me. I however am not the doer, I'm just the idea guy.

So, what do you think? I have no details about the three c's, cost, color or cut, but if the past is any guide I believe the product will not only be beautiful but affordable.

If there is a suitable level of interest Ellie just might be persuaded to put together a batch. Not soon, but in time. Anyone want in? I get mine first.


My apologies to the photographers. If anyone knows where these snaps came from, will you please let me know so I may credit the artist.

Lower photo, The Sartorialist


preppyplayer said...

I love the functional, practical aspect of scarves as well as the fashion possibilities. I think your idea is a good one, unique.

Ellie's lack of enthusiasm reflects the marketplace. Most manufacturers are wary of producing anything new or unusual preferering to stick with the tried and true.

If you present her with a good cost/profit margin study you may overcome her resistance or at least acquire a natty scarf!

David said...

I like the idea, although I'd prefer mine in darker colors, grays and blacks maybe.

How heavy are you thinking? Wool tweed has a fair bit of body on it's own, so I assume it would be unlined. What about backing, wool on both sides? Or something else maybe?

Toad said...

David: in my minds eye, I envision a two layer scarf, with contrasting fabric so as it layers you get the full effect of multiple layers of tweeds at once, or tartans, or...

Toad said...

PP, it's my understanding that Ellie is hand crafting this puppies at home, one at a time.

Certainly part of her lackluster response may be due to that fact that this isn't what she does.

I think she'll come around, if we give a reason to.

Toad said...

One additional point. The idea of Patch may miss the point. Perhaps this is easier to visualize as say, 1 foot plus contrasting strips of tweed. Repeats are ok

1 tweed on one side, a contrasting tweed on the other.

Clearly, I haven't thought this through, yet

Giuseppe said...

Patches six-inches square, culled from dammaged tweed and tartan jackets,maybe a patch or two of corduroy, for good measure, backed with a soft heather grey flannel...that's the ticket. Maybe even edged with old striped ties.

I think Ellie's trepidation stems from the fact that such a thing is an enormous amount of work, but we all know she, if anybody, could do it.

Damn, I want one.

(p.s. I think the second photo is from the Sartorialist...a display in the window of a vintage shop in Milan, or some such exotic locale.)

The Ancient said...

Having a patch tweed scarf made by anyone other than The Andover Shop strikes me as borderline blasphemy.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

You are too clever!

Toad said...

Ancient: one of the benefits of living in the midwest is that The Andover Shop and J Press aren't even on the radar

Patsy said...

Stepping out of lurkerdom to say hi - I found your charming blog via Maxminimus.

Great scarf idea. Perhaps you could use old scarves or blankets?

Toad said...

Patsy welcome. A great idea

Sartre said...

In fact the Andover Shop DOES carry a nice patch tweed scarf (for a price).

Ellie said...

I WILL do it! I've actually been thinking of getting back in touch with you. My hesitation wasn't that I didn't think it was possible, but rather that I didn't believe that fall/winter was coming. It's still so hot in South Carolina!

My husband wants one too. Toad, let's work together to design this and I will try to sell a small batch on my website and locally

Dickie said...

Ellie/Toad - while it may be cheating a bit, the local jo-anne's fabric or something had wool 3x3 patch made presewn by the yard - maybe that would help the process along...