Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dr. Koo's Day in court

Dr. Michele Koo's day in court.

You may recall last October's news flash regarding Dr. Michele Koo, esteemed Mayberry plastic surgeon. Dr. Koo was then in the news for publishing before and after breast augmentation photos of her female patients. There was a twist to the photos however. The before and afters cropped the women's faces but did included the patient's full name as well as the community she lived in. The women were naturally outraged and called Calhoon.

The law and insurance companies work in funny ways, and for reasons unimaginable to me Dr. Koo and her advisers are letting her patients grievance come to trial. More likely we'll see who blinks first after the 12 female jurors are selected.

BTW: this is apparently a widespread problem. Plastic surgeons typically show before and after photos on their web site. Drs save picture files by patient name, but typically do not print the patient name online. Unless the doctor changes the file name of the photo, a Google image search of the patient name can probably locate the before and afters for you.

Ladies, I'd check Google and Bing images before the guy in the next cube does. Just don't forget me in your settlement.


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O P said...

Must be TRUE Toad. You couldn't make that stuff up.