Monday, August 13, 2012

Never on Sunday

My self imposed summer holiday ends with tomorrow's edition. In the mean time in honor of the Glorious 12th (the 13th this year. Grouse season never begins on Sunday))I present this rerun from last year.

For 180 + years August 12, The Glorious Twelfth, has marked the opening of grouse hunting season in the UK. It's big business, not only for the landed gentry whose grand estates provide game and lodging to hunters from around the world but to the finer restaurants around Britain as well. {2012 aside--The fees grouse hunting generates for the estates provides the funds necessary for the upkeep of the moors. To save all the grouse, some must perish.}

Roald Dahl, in My Uncle Oswald says it best:

“That’s all right, then,” I said.

I've no idea how this exists on-line, but if you've a taste for the randier side of Dahl, My Uncle Oswald is available to read here. Not suitable for Puritan's or children though.



Pink Benny said...

I do enjoy your posts so very much. Thanks.

Toad said...

thank you

Shari said...

Although I'm not a regular commenter, I read your posts daily! Please keep them coming. In the meantime, here's to cooler weather, crackling fireplaces, tweeds and autumnal foliage!

Toad said...

all things in their time Shari. Thank you