Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mark Sanford

Reuters photo

Remember Mark? He's was the governor of South Carolina, best known for taking a walk about 2 summers ago, without exercising the simple courtesy of mentioning to anyone he would be away. Not to his wife and kids, not to his minders, not to the security guy paid to keep him on a short leash.

Sadly, governors aren't allowed to vanish. They are missed at work. Tongues in the office wag, and soon every reporter in the statehouse knows the boss has gone missing. Reporters ask troublesome questions, which when answered by hacks sound like fibs. Mark's office claimed he was hiking the Appalachian Trail, but even I knew better.

One week later, Gov Sanford showed up back at work, tanned, rested and ready and announced to the world he had met his soul mate, Maria Belen Chapur , a young woman who lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He had gone to Buenos Aires so they could become better acquainted, which may help to explain why he failed to mention to Mrs. Sanford that he'd be away. Frosty words were likely exchanged between the first couple upon his return, as sensibly she and kids moved out of the governor's mansion with seemly haste. By February, 2010 the Sanford's divorce was final.

Last week former Gov Sanford announced that he and Maria, his Argentinian soul mate, the girl from Buenos Aires had become engaged. Optimist that I am, I give 'em a year.



James said...

Aw, the classic "go walkabout". I must agree, I see no fairy tale ending.

Mom on the Run said...

DOTR does some business with a company in SC and when we were at a conference we were sitting at a table with the president of said company, and his name came up. She picked up her butter knife and said "this has more personality than Mark Sanford". Cracked me up.

Old Polo said...

Oh Toad. Just a year? He must have skin thicker than an elephant, no political pun intended.

NCJack said...

Did he say whether Jesus forgave him, I can't recall? Bet his ex-wife still wouldn't mind seeing his ol' wazoo mounted over the mantel

Toad said...

Once upon a time he was looked upon as the second coming. I suspect the former Mrs. S was happy to dodge that bullet.

Anonymous said...

I suspect Governor Sanford was even happier to "dodge that [republican savior] bullet." He just didn't want it. I think the former Mrs. S was driving that gig, hard.

Like you're suggesting, I'm not sure this guy knows what he wants. The goofy way he set up his marriage proposal at the restaurant was worse than sophomoric.

The Argentinian soul mate has no clue what lies ahead when the four sons come for the weekend, week, whatever. No clue at all.


Toad said...

Flo, I hope and pray for your's and your neighbor's safety.

David said...

My dad Hiked the Appalachian Trail (which led to our next door neighbor's house), and my parents divorced when I was 18.

We've all found happiness in the years since, but even after all this time I still think it matters how its done.

Sanford may be with her for the rest of his life. At this point my dad's second marriage has lasted longer than his first. So I can't really begrudge someone a second chance.

But I don't think that imaginary asterisk by a man's name ever really goes away.

Anonymous said...

"Flo, I hope and pray for your's and your neighbor's safety."

Oh sweet man, I've only just seen this message from you. Thank you belatedly! All is very wet here, but we are well.

And to David who put it so well: we who figure out how to weave our parents' negative stuff into the positive narrative of our lives will benefit from the work it takes.