Friday, August 24, 2012

Number one son

Today is Liz's father, my number one sons birthday, and in honor of his birthday he has a bit of hard learned advice for us. When you call a customer service agent, in whatever industry, for whatever reason, lead with your nice voice. You catch more flies with honey.

It's been a good year for the lad. His health and family are doing well, the house renovations are coming along swimmingly and every day his shiny yet massive pickin' em up truck gets a workout. Live is good as he knows it in T'town.

I'm very proud of him. It's from him that I get my sense of humor and most of the better ideas found here. We live in interesting times, as he never fails to point out to me, mostly I believe because he's here.

Happy Birthday #1. Do whatever it takes to have a 100 more, it's worth the ride.



Pink Benny said...

Birthday cheers and best wishes both to the birthday guy and to the proud father who helped mold you into what you are today.

Anonymous said...

Pink Benny, you've said it best. I raise my coffee cup to these good men!


Anonymous said...

Cheers to SP!! - KT

Toad said...

It was just about this time of day he was born, and my life was changed forever. Happy Birthday dude

LPC said...

Happy birthday dude and dude dad! :)