Thursday, August 9, 2012

Singapore Day .... and Night

Can't find Singapore on a map? Look just above the equator, south of Kuala Lumpur.

Today Singapore is celebrating a world wide block party. A get to know Singapore, its people places, food and things kind of day. Singaporeans world wide remember their homeland on this day all they left behind. It's good for expats to remember their cultural home and traditions, and this day provides an opportunity for the diaspora to do so. There may be events near your home today. Look around.

Singapore has a problem they share with other wealthy nations. As per capita wealth increases, family size decreases often to a point where the population size becomes stagnant or shrinks which doesn't bode well for a nation state with an aging population's long term future.

So what does Mentos have to do with this? The Mentos candy people have thrown their corporate weight behind the Singapore government's effort to reverse the paucity of breeders (i.e. encourage committed, loving couples to get in the mood). Evocative of Chef from Southpark Mentos has recorded a song, a not so subtle ice breaker if you will. For serious!

Mentos needs future customers too.

A few seconds is all you'll need.

Toad- I couldn't make this up.

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