Sunday, August 5, 2012

International bachelor festival

On the off chance your relationship status box is ticked single, or you'd welcome singlehood you could do far worse than visiting the Boys and Beer Festival, more accurately the 40th Annual Ballybunion International Bachelor Festival which begins today and runs through 8 August. The Fete is held in Ballybunion, County Kerry, Ireland.

"Bachelors of all persuasions aged 26-46 come from all over the world to Ballybunion for a week of fun and entertainment...Many gentlemen meet their true love (Guinness?) in Ballybunion and many happy lives have been formed as a result of this festival over the past 40 years." -sayeth the Welcome to Kerry Ireland website (Don't you love the Irish custom of 4 day weeks?).

I have a tip for those of you unwilling or unable to travel to Ireland this week to find your soul mate. Keep out of American sports bars. I fell into one Friday night only to find more laptops than patrons; someone suggested it was fantasy football draft week. Ladies, any guy who brings a laptop to a bar on a Friday night is off limits, always.


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Karena said...

Ha Toad I will heed your words of wisdom!

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