Thursday, August 30, 2012

Who's the richest nerd?

God bless the Make A Wish Foundation. They have a gift for shaking money trees. For the next 2 days MAW is on the lookout for wealthy nerds and geeks. Who is the wealthiest, nerdiest, sci-fi, Star Wars geek out there? Sunday we'll find out.

Legacy Effects along with several other creature creator/designers have created reinterpreted sculptures of several helmets used in the Star Wars movies. The sculptures are now on auction in the MAW EBAY Store

Here's how Legacy Effects describes the piece int he photo above:

"One-of-a-kind mixed media art sculpture titled "The Scavenger" by Legacy Effects.

When asked about the process of creating this helmet, the artist said:

We create characters for film and television. So I thought, why don't we create a character in the
Star Wars world that could further a story from the film itself? And, what story could we tell? For ages, fans and film goers alike have wondered what happened to Boba Fett at the end of "Return of the Jedi". Boba Fett falls into the Sarlac pit and there's been endless discussions as to what his ultimate fate was. So we figured, after his untimely demise, perhaps a small inhabitant of Tatooine discovered his helmet and moved in like a hermit crab.

It was a great idea because it allowed us to help tell a story even further. A story we've all thought about a million times, and that has been deliberated for years. The concept was very clever and it gave us a great starting point for collaboration. It allowed for organic creature work, model shop work, working animatronic movement, lighting effects, and ultimately, a mini movie within the piece. This approach allowed for the whole team to participate and creatively contribute to the end result.

After a collection of concept alien life forms were presented, the team collectively determined the best of all the elements, to create an extraterrestrial being that fit within the world they were trying to expand. In the end, the entire team decided the final design of the creature."

Bids were hovering around the $18, 500 USD mark as this went to press. Makes the other pieces appear to be bargains. Happy shopping.


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