Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Two bits of reassurance

We are each our own worst critics, and my horizontal seersucker suit had been quietly festering, until yesterday. You must thoroughly understand that I love the suit. I know that for I have named it, which is always a good sign. I'm not beyond telling Mrs. T that I'm taking Bubba out for the evening, when asked what I plan to wear. Bubba and I await a lifetime of fabulous memories.

Whatever apprehension I had evaporated when I saw the photo below, swiped from tumblr. This dude trumps and looks fantastic. I love the pocket.

On the plus side, while trying to find the name of the Brit tailors who purposefully tailor horizontal corduroy suiting (Cordarounds) I can across this tidbit from The Guardian and from Cosmos. According to learned, scientific study (of a sort) it's horizontal stripes that make the wearer appear thinner, not vertical. So there.

I promise this is the last word on Bubba for quite some time, for I have tamed the beast.



Amy said...

Excellent, excellent! It is my sincere wish that you and Bubba enjoy this time on fashion's cutting edge, and I eagerly anticipate the coming trend of horizontal stripes and textures.

Anonymous said...

I'll have what Amy's having, but is there any chance you might start a contest so your readers can rename that gorgeous suit instead you using the worst slur for stupidity we have down here in the deep south?

Fight Cruelty Against Suits!


James said...

Good for you Toad.

Toad said...

The floor is open, please name my suit.

David V said...

After a certain age, eccentricity is a valued trait.

My name choice: Steven

Karena said...

Bubba accompanied by the silk pocket square and quite fashionable sunglasses bring this suit to a much higher level of attire.

Art by Karena

Anonymous said...

"The floor is open..."

The suit is symbolic, it carries quest and triumph battle imagery. The map, the details strategy, a focused plan, the just-so fabric, nothing left to chance, the commitment pounce, the wait, shock and awe from out of nowhere on the map, disappointment delirium, pause, regroup, leave field to direct cupola construction, return, check somebody's tumblr, TRIUMPH!

What general, what battle does that sound like? Whatever it is, that's the name of your suit.

-Happy you finally joined us over here in the 6th decade section. See how much fun we have? F.

Rod said...

How could any name be more appropriate, now that a "Bubba" has conquered the hallowed links of Augusta? Suddenly Bubba has panache. Keep the name!

Anonymous said...

"How could any name be more appropriate, now that a 'Bubba' has conquered the hallowed links of Augusta? Suddenly Bubba has panache."

Rod, good stuff! Wow!


Toad said...

Why can't I get the d***** Grateful Dead song out of my head? (St. Stephen)

Patsy said...

St. Stephen with a rose, in and out of the garden he goes!

Kionon said...

I'm more a fan of your pocket square than I am of his.

Suburban Princess said...

Yay! Thank goodness you came around and fell in love with it.